The Only Weather App You Need

Gain all the functionality of a Weather Radio right on your mobile device! Download today to acquire unique life-saving information in the form of alerts, audio, real-time streaming video, interactive mapping and more.


The App You Can't Live Without


Weather Radio Anywhere You Need It

Alerts, local weather, and radar all rolled into one visually stunning app that's a breeze to navigate.


Audible Push Notification with Accuracy

We alert only for imminent threats that you choose, and for that exact location.


Lightning Alerts (IAP)

Weather Radio informs you when lightning enters and exits locations you are actively monitoring.


Follow Me Technology

Don’t lift a finger. We’ve got this! Simply install our app and instantly access a life-saving weather radio and lightning detector that works no matter where you are. We combine the precision of smartphone location tracking with the performance of polygon-based warnings.


Protect Yourself and Others

Leverage features already on your device to provide unique life-saving information

  • Obtain more accurate alerts than consumer alerting services (Patent #8519860)
  • Automatic push notification for your current area if a weather watch or warning is issued
  • Save up to five fixed locations in addition to your current position. Monitor the weather anywhere!
  • Immediate audio alerts in the form of beeps followed by a brief description of the alert type
  • In-app radar mapping capability that features watch and warning overlay
  • Localized video stream of severe weather coverage for up-to-the-minute information

Accessibility To The Max

Weather information for everyone

Weather Radio is user-friendly for the visually impaired. We have optimized this app to work with Apple’s VoiceOver technology, ensuring as many people as possible can utilize our life-saving information.

  • Weather Radio is the only application that offers 24/7/365 support
  • Enjoy consistent development and improvement of our app
  • From the same mobile development team that brought you RadarScope
  • Contact us for more information about custom alerting applications for your organization